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Being a small business owner has many difficulties that go unnoticed by others. While trying to balance all the moving parts of Modest Transitions, I quickly find myself overwhelmed, especially if I don’t make enough time to cater to my personal needs. When my attitude and demeanor shift, everyone can sense it, including my family. Around this time last year, I was going through a phase where my mood was low. Though I was stressed, I pushed my feelings aside and put my focus on work. One day as I was working in the studio, my husband surprised me with flowers and lunch. At that moment, my mood completely changed as I was pleasantly surprised by the unexpected gifts Husbae presented to me. Enjoying the display of affection and the taste of my yummy lunch reminded me that I was supported by those I love most.

Let’s not forget about those flowers because you know I didn’t. Of course, I took time to smell the roses, but a week later they were used to create beautiful pieces for Modest Transitions. Before a photo shoot in our studio, I set up various stations that would display the many appeals of the space.

naturally dyed beads soaked in soy milk and watercolor

Husbae was in attendance and decided that he assist in displaying the process of bundle dyeing. Bundle dyeing, for this experience, is using dried flowers to create imprints and patterns on fabrics. It’s a great way to create and express yourself, without using chemicals harmful to the planet.

a man bundle dyeing

I was shocked watching Husbae bundle dye. Not only did he take initiative in what he wanted to create, but he exhibited a soft and creative side that I never saw in him before. I felt weird yet flattered. I was in awe of the softness of his hands in every gesture he made. Mr. Modest Transitions was so gentle as he brought all of his attention to bringing his bandanas to life. Every placement of the flowers was so intentional. I was getting butterflies from watching him create and to be honest, I felt myself falling in love all over again. Even one who isn’t an artist in the slightest was able to channel the creativity within them that everyone possesses. This experience had value in our relationship because we felt growth in our connection after we spent time bonding through natural dyeing.

a couple being creative together

I’m constantly reminded of the power of making when my mood is low. Creating can transform that pent-up energy into something beautiful and useful. When you create with others, your connections can transform as well. It’s fascinating what new experiences will reveal to you about your relationships with your loved ones. You can even reveal more about yourself. What do you think you could discover?

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