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New year, new me! That’s the motto most of us live by in the early stages of the year. The new year urges everyone to put their best foot forward after a time of deep reflection in the months prior. I took a step back to review 2022 and everything that the year brought me: great blessings and painful lessons. Modest Transitions just acquired the Fishtown studio in February of last year and it’s been a dream to have a home solely for creating and gathering.

a store front of modest transitions, a natural dye shop and studio

Can you believe that we used to be an e-commerce shop that held workshops in my backyard? We came a long way and with growth comes growing pains. Though there were times I felt overjoyed and celebratory, many times I found myself discouraged and upset from running into obstacles that seemed to be never-ending. For a period of time, I felt like there was a storm cloud hovering above me. (Maybe that’s why it’s been so rainy.) I found myself to be stuck in a funk due to things not going according to plan. After taking time to reflect, I’m reminded of the reason I started Modest Transitions: to cope by creating earth-friendly designs. 2023 offers us time to refresh and I’m excited to create with the original vision in mind. 

Guess what got me out of my funk last year….Yes, various making experiences. On a recent day trip to NYC, I visited the Louis Vuitton store where an art exhibit was held to showcase imaginative trucks by 200 visionaries.

louis vuitton visionaries trunk

Visitors were able to customize their own trunk bags and display them for everyone to see. There was a display trunk decorated with all-natural materials that were braided to resemble hair.

LV hair trunk

After creating my Modest Transitions-themed trunk, which I placed at the very top of the pyramid made of various trunks placed previously by other visitors.

MT Louis Vuittion make your own visionaries trunk

As we were walking through Soho, we passed a display window with various textile designs. The soft colors and punch needle designs really resonated with me. That day was filled with smiles, creativity, and adventure. Using every opportunity to be playful and expressive is my way to release sadness and cater to my inner child.

window display with fiber and textiles

What really excites my inner child is watching my family create. My toddler weaving on the loom makes me feel the warmth and reminds me of the joy of making. Weaving provides him comfort as it simulates his senses. It’s nice to see my kids keeping themselves busy; plus, that’s just more time for me to get things done in peace!

coreoposis dye bath in mason jars

My first dye bath of the year also really got me back into the spirit. I achieved a vibrant rust color after experimenting with coreopsis. I’m still amazed at what we are able to create using what the earth provides us. My recent personal experiences, both good and bad, inspired me to offer a fresh set of spring workshops that are unique to Modest Transitions. Staying true to natural dyeing, designing, and giving back to the community is what makes me who I am.

Ultimately, the past year taught me many lessons. Setting firm boundaries, knowing my limits, and prioritizing rest will keep storm clouds from above my head. I’m reminded of the importance of having a strong foundation for Modest Transitions to sit upon. The foundation not only includes the best version of me but also includes my family, colleagues, and lovers of all things natural. Lastly, of course, taking time to immerse in creating will release all of my pent-up energy. Modest Transitions was conceived from that exact idea. With a fresh perspective and optimistic outlook, I look forward to providing the best experience for everyone, including myself, in 2023!

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