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Over the past year, Modest Transitions has been complimented most for its warmth and beautiful creations. Whether you browse our website or enter our Fishtown studio, you will feel a coziness that is unique to us. It’s vital that this warmth is felt because Modest Transitions is a safe space for you to heal through creation and self-expression. Though we are known for our beautiful visuals and comforting space, Modest Transitions did not come from peaceful beginnings.

After giving birth to my first child, I experienced postpartum depression and found that warmth again in design and textile art. Creating designs released my negativity while the scent of natural dye baths rejuvenated my soul. The floral and herbal aromas always remind me of my youth in my mother’s garden. Replicating that comforting feeling is essential because it represents the safety and peace of mind everyone needs.

Because we all deserve to see beauty and feel warmth, Modest Transitions is fundraising to support Unorthodox Therapy Inc. and bring awareness to women’s mental health. Unorthodox Therapy Inc. is a women-owned nonprofit organization that provides accessible and affordable alternative forms of therapy.

unorthodox therapy inc. logo Holistic therapy is important to me as it started my healing journey and the concept of Modest Transitions. I aim to raise money to assist other women who are going through mental health struggles to get them back on track. To support, enter our raffle for a chance to win a tote bag full of natural dyeing goodies!

dyer's dream tote

The raffle closes on 2.26 at 2pm est. To enter the raffle and view details please search “raffle”. Thanks for your support!

To celebrate the one year anniversary of our storefront, we are offering our new MT t-shirts! There are two new designs both designed by Leann the illustrator and are available in long sleeve and short sleeve options. They are white and 100% cotton, but if you want some color, spice them up by dyeing them with natural material! 

mt nature's beauty graphic t-shirt

The process of creating earth-friendly designs is healing not only to me but also to those who join me in the making process. I look forward to seeing what you create!

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