Inspired by nature

Est. 2019

Modest Transitions is a line of handcrafted garments inspired by natures beauty. Founded by Melanie Hasan, Modest Transitions aims to empower women through conscious garments, beauty and inclusion, while respecting Mother Earth. From sourcing fabrics with integrity, to creating baths of natural dyes—our products help eliminate toxic waste; while creating timeless, aesthetically pleasing wearable art.

Helping moms heal with color as medicine

Humble beginnings

My story begins in our old kitchen apartment with red onion skins and new roles of motherhood. With nothing but passion, healing and a dream my brand was born.

I am a self-taught designer, natural dyer and founder of Modest Transitions. After giving birth to my son, I found a meditative connection with design and textiles, that helped me cope with postpartum depression. Lukewarm dye baths and aromatic scents of eucalyptus, lavender, and chamomile empowered me to find my inner child. I would create natural watercolor with sunflowers, roses and hibiscus that would refresh my younger days in my mother's garden. Dye bath spills in my small kitchen reminded me of rainy days when I could jump in the puddles with my pink rain boots. The beauty of capturing eco-prints on fabric highlighted the beauty of life. And within those moments, I knew I was healed. Color was my medicine.