Escere Botanical Muyu Pendant Necklace

Escere Botanical Muyu Pendant Necklace

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Philadelphia based artist Gabriela Arevalo Alvear has been honoring her home country of Ecuador by capturing the beauty of its native plants through the creation of press flower jewelry and resin objects. Gabriela has a background in architecture and landscape architecture which influence her designs and aesthetic. Her inspiration comes from the beautiful landscape of the Andes mountains where she grew up exploring and documenting native species that are being forgotten due to urbanization and lack of awareness. 

Escere was born in an effort to generate a connection with nature from a different perspective. Escere Arte has its roots in Quito, where Gabriela started creating framed floral art that quickly evolved into jewelry making with resin as the medium.  Gabriela and her sister Belen became partners in this adventure that now lives in two places. The word "Florecer" (to bloom) etymologically consists of the noun "flor" (flower) and the suffix "ecer" from the Latin "escĕre" which indicates transformation or change of state. This project seeks to celebrate the hidden beauty of plants through their natural change, accepting their life cycle, observing their different stages, and sharing the stories that make the natural world unique and wonderful.

Life brought Gabriela to the city of brotherly love, where she seeks to give her Philadelphian neighbors a taste of her culture and her love for plants, flowers, and nature connecting her two homes, Quito and Philly.

¡Larga vida a la naturaleza! 

Long live Nature!

Product details:

-30 mm

-316 Stainless Steel Pendant with bio-resin filling

-Gold Finish with stainless steel 14 K gold plates chain