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Modest Transitions is a natural dye and textile studio based in the vibrant Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pa. We specialize in preservation of natural dyes and artisanal practices within urban farming, skill share and sustainable fashion. Our studio offers education and is thoughtfully curated with supplies, tools and literature for makers, indie dyers, and textile lovers.

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workshop with friends to build a creative community

Hands- on workshop experiences for beginners in natural dyeing, weaving, sewing and fiber arts.

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Natural bestsellers

plant-dyed adornments

A collection of plant dyed, low impact, handcrafted apparel and accessories inspired by natures beauty and a conscious future.

Thoughtfully sourced and made by local and independent designers.

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thoughtfully curated craft supplies

For makers, indie dyers, and textile lovers, our shop is curated with natural dyes, yarn, looms, tools and more for precious projects and exploration.

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