product care + textile waste

All things natural change over time. Try our recommended cleaning practices to maintain longevity of your naturally-dyed product.

Natural dyes will evolve over time.

We do our best to protect your naturally dyed garment. Natural dyes will evolve with sun exposure, age, season, harvest and overall product care. All fabrics used in the dye process were scoured and mordanted. Please note(!) because of the natural dyeing process, some bleeding and fading could occur over continuous wash, wear and time.

Hand wash cold or wash less.

An average household uses approximately 16% of water for laundry. At Modest Transitions, we encourage you to spot clean, hand wash, or “wash less”. Wash with cold water to save energy. Use a plant-based or pH neutral laundry detergent such as Woolite and Seventh Generation. Do not bleach or dry clean. For silk products, please use a silk or delicate wash detergent.

Flat or line dry.

Do not use the dryer. Try line drying or laying your garment flat to dry. When drying outside it’s best to dry in a shaded area. Direct exposure to sunlight can affect the light-fastness.

Minimal heat.

Iron as needed on low or medium heat. For silk products, please use the silk setting on your iron.

Timeless styling.

Our designs are free-spirited. Challenge your inner stylist by complimenting our garments with your own wardrobe. Our designs can be worn as layers, statement pieces and throughout the year for any occasion. Don’t forget our garments are one-of-a-kind so you’ll never have to worry about someone stealing your outfit!

Conscious thinking avoids the landfill.

If you no longer want your garment, continue the slow fashion movement by donating, gifting, swapping or mending to prevent your garment from entering the landfill.

Textile waste resources

Check out these local recycling + reuse businesses for all your textile waste needs.

FABSCRAP, is a convenient and transparent recycling and reuse service, is an affordable and accessible materials resource, and is educating and empowering a diverse community of changemakers.

Rabbit Recycling, provides a convenient solution for households and businesses to recycle, reuse, and upcycle.

The Resource Exchange, provides inspiration and reclaimed materials for creative and environmentally resourceful making, teaching & living.

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