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I started my first vegetable garden over ten years ago on my father's patio surrounded by vegetables and herbs. My first dye plants were chamomile, marigolds, and sunflowers that I planted in my nephews swimming pool. A swimming pool that I drained, inserted holes, and filled with soil. A garden that started in a swimming pool has transformed into a quaint greenhouse with a vast variety of dye flowers and vegetables. With a mission to cultivate and preserve traditional dye practices in urban farming, while thoughtfully considering the impact to our environment, we strive to create a regenerative future between land and people.

our garden journey

In Spring of 2019, we acquired a greenhouse and built three raised garden beds at our home backyard hosting small natural dye workshops and meditative experiences.

studio dye garden + little seed & dyers library

In early Spring of 2022, we built three raised garden beds on the backyard patio of the Modest Transitions studio to share natural dye cultivation, seed saving, and preservation.

Our Little Free Seed and Dyers Library is our neighborhood exchange tool contributed by the "friends" of Modest Transitions and support of our community. Inspired by my personal greenhouse and natural dye garden, we opened the library as a steppingstone for our dye garden.

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community partnership with lsh

In April of 2022, we partnered with the Lutheran Settlement House community garden, a non-profit organization committed to servicing and empowering individuals, families, and communities to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency through integrated programs. We share the garden with Terra Luna Herbals and other community members.

natural dye flowers in the heart of kensington

In early Fall of 2022, our dyer's garden moved to a once old vacant lot in the heart of Kensington. Previously cared for by the Jig-Bee Flower Farm, its beauty and kindness was sustained by the stewardship between Modest Transitions and Terra Luna Herbals.

colors + fiber of the garden

Dyers Chamomile

German Chamomile

Japanese Indigo

Madder Root





Black Scabiosa

Dyers Coreopsis



Hopi Red Amaranth

Hopi Sunflower

Red Cotton