hand-spun banana

Sourced from our sustainable friends of Funem Studio.

Banana yarn is a chunky hand-spun yarn/rope extracted from the bark of the banana tree. The bark is soaked until the cellulose is extracted and then extruded into pulp before being spun into yarn. Banana fiber has a high level of stiffness compared to cotton, wool, hemp, silk, and other fiber types. This variety of banana fiber has characteristics similar to rope, but can be slightly soften during the dyeing process in our experience. 

Yarn characteristics:

- 100% banana fiber

- High level of stiffness 

- Indie dyers: If planning to naturally dye your banana yarn/rope, we recommend mordanting in soy milk for at least 3 to 5 days. This will help soften the yarn and add additional protein to the yarn. 

About Funem

Fūnem Studio was founded in 2015 by fashion designer Jantine van Peski to share her love for textiles, craftsmanship and her passion for weaving. Many years of creating textile objects provided her with in-depth knowledge of different materials and crafting supplies which resulted in a high quality collection of tools, yarns and wool produced in Europe.