persimmon "kakishibu" hand-dyed journal, shima

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Kakishibu is a traditional dye technique using discoloration caused by oxidation from unripened fermented juice from the persimmon fruit. This tannin strong and rich brown pigment has been used for waterproofing Japanese paper umbrellas since antiquity and these days, kakishibu has come back into fashion as an eco-friendly colorant for clothing and accessories. The striped paper covers of this book are hand brushed with kakishibu to reveal a lovely stripe pattern. Inside you will find 18 sheets of warm white washi pages suitable for writing, drawing, collage, stamping, etc…. Each book is unique and can be used either right-to-left (Japanese) or flip to use left-to-right (Western). 

Dimension: 18x24cm (7.09"x9.45" inches)