song for a friend mini quilt

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A great pattern designed by Bailey Raha for fabric scraps, remnants, and zero-waste design in mind. This pattern makes a mini quilt. This is not a finished product! Pattern booklet includes pattern, instructions, and illustrations for construction.

“I dreamt up this mini quilt one night while heartbroken and sifting through fabric scraps on the floor of my studio. a piece of my heart had been ripped away and so I sought out comfort in my fabric collection, cutting scraps into rectangular blocks and playing around with designs until I was satisfied. I ended up making several of these “song for a friend” mini quilt tops over the course of a few days, each one reminding me of a song, evoking a memory, bringing me hope that my heart may be whole once again.” ~ Bailey Raha

Finished mini quilt dimensions: 18.5” x 28.5”