Yamato Indigo

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Yamato Indigo is a Japanese natural-blend indigo powder dye. Easy to use, Yamato Indigo only needs water; no heating or fermentation is necessary. It dyes natural materials, such as cotton, linen, silk, leather, wood, and washi paper, into a vibrant, beautiful “Japan Blue.” 

Yamato Indigo comes in the form of a powder consisting of extracts from indigo plants, synthetic indigo, alkaline agent, and reducing agent. By mixing it with water, it instantly becomes ready to dip and use as a dye. This indigo dye is the best choice for absolute beginners, workshop teachers, and professional dyers. 

10g pack makes 2 to 3 liter vat
Good to dye small items such as napkins and bandanas. 

 *1 liter = 1.05 quart